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About us

TopScience Publishing is a top quality publisher publishing international journals that cut across different subjects. The organization was born out of a need to impact science and community with outstanding discoveries and information.

TopScience Publishing lives by a promise to researchers that all findings with a potential to advance science are presented. TopScience Publishing guarantees the Top of the Science at all times for all disciplines, will be promoted, and permanently available as the building blocks of future discoveries.

TopScience Publishing is developing the skills and knowledge that Science needs to succeed and to be the Top in the world for all times. We develop and disseminate advance and modern Science, to help universities, businesses, and individuals move between education to employment and achieve their ambitions. By partnering with learned societies, we support researchers to communicate discoveries that make a difference. 

Indeed, in all of our publishing areas, we are passionate about providing the best articles, textbooks, professional reference, applications, and digital products to students, instructors, and professionals. 

TopScience Publishing recognizes the importance of enhancing visibility and discoverability of published research by including published research in recognized, reputed indexing and abstracting databases that researchers use. We support researchers by access to all of our published proceedings volumes upon publication. TopScience Publishing is indexed in a number of services, including the leading databases in the scientific world.

Our Missions:    

 ·   TopScience Publishing's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

 ·   Lead the way in advancing science, technology and innovations.    

·   We help institutions and professionals advance the open science, technology and innovations to improve performance for the benefit of humanity. Combining content with technology, supported by operational efficiency, we turn information into actionable knowledge.

·   TopScience Publishing empowers knowledge which empowers those who use it. 

Our Objectives:      

 ·   TopScience Publishing exists to connect researchers to a legacy of foundational discoveries and new ideas and to a community of peers and institutions around the world–some existing, and many new–who want to see your research. As your publisher, our goal is to expand the impact of your research now and into the future. Our resources and programs can help you produce stronger and clearer content, reach more influential readers, and ensure that your work is discoverable by anyone who needs it. 

·    TopScience Publishing will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere, and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.

 ·   We want to make analysis easier for everyone working in science. Growing from our roots in publishing, we help you manage work efficiently so you can spend more time making breakthroughs.

About the founder

Dr. Wassila ISSAADI is a Doctor of Sciences in Department of Automatics, Electronics, and Electrical Engineering, University of Bejaia, Algeria and received her Doctorat (PhD) degree in September 2016 at the age of 25 years. She obtained Magister degree in 2013, and the diploma of state engineer in 2011. Her current research interests include Robotics, Automatics, adaptives and robust control, Photovoltaics and its Controls, Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Theory. She is author of many research papers published at both International and National journals (Elsevier and IEEE), Conference proceedings.

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